The term Domovoy comes from the Indo-European root *dom, which is shared by many words in the semantic field of “abode”, “domain” in the Indo-European languages (cf. Latin domus, “house”). The Domovoy have been compared to the Roman Di Penates, the genii of the family. Helmold (c. 1120–1177), in his Chronica Slavorum, alluded to the widespread worship of penates among the Elbe Slavs. In the Chronica Boemorum of Cosmas of Prague (c. 1045–1125) it is written that Czech, one of the three mythical forefathers of the Slavs, brought the statues of the penates on his shoulders to the new country, and, resting on the mountain of the Rzip, said to his fellows:

Rise, good friends, and make an offering to your penates, for it is their help that has brought you to this new country destined for you by Fate ages ago.

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